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秋野 ふじこ

..about me
Net alias is Fujiko. Has been using it on the net for many years. Has finally graduated from university and is currently among the many people looking for work. D: Has an obssession with manga and anime such as Hikaru no Go and Bleach. Also obsessed in Jdrama and Jpop which includes artists like Arashi, AKB48, Ayumi Hamasaki and drama such as Hana Yori Dango, Love Shuffle, Galileo and lots more. Loves learning Japanese. Has made it her life ambition to go to Japan at least once for whatever reason she can find. Fanatic about Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Learns the piano and violin. Loves music. Especially J-pop, OSTs and dramatic music!

..friends only
This journal is friends only. This means most of my posts will be friend locked but my graphics will still be viewable. If you want to friend me, just leave a comment on this post and I'll add you. ^^
This journal is full of my rants about obessessions, daily life, random quizzes and other junk.

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